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Joe Molinaro – Notary

Joe Molinaro is a Montreal based notary located in the italian district of St-Leonard. We offer a wide range of legal services for your circumstance. Our area of expertise focuses on:

  • Real Estate
  • Estates
  • Wills and Protective Mandates
  • Corporate

Why hire a Notary?

Throughout our lives, we are often called to make decisions that will have a legal repercussion of some sort. We just have to think about marriage, divorce, buying property, starting a business or making a will, just to name a few.

Furthermore, with the increasing number of  laws and regulations, and their growing complexity, it becomes impossible for an individual to evaluate and understand the legal implications of such decisions. With his legal expertise and experience, a notary is the professional who will help you make the right decisions.

Consultation: a preventive measure

In today’s fast paced society, change can happen quite rapidly and we are increasingly compelled to act quickly and without delay. Unfortunately, hastily made decisions often lead to disagreements and even problematic situations that can become quite costly.

Before making an important decision or signing a document prudence would recommend the consultation of a notary.

The notarized document: a valuable and secure document

Not only is a notary a legal advisor, he is also a public officer recognized by the State. To this effect, he has the power to confer the character of authenticity to the documents that he executes. This means that in court, a notarized document makes proof of its content, date, and apposed signatures without any further action. On the other hand a document under private writing must first be proved in order to be admissible as evidence.

The notary also keeps an original of all documents in a vault in the notary’s office, where it remains safe from being lost, damaged or destroyed so that it is always possible for the parties to trace it and obtain authentic copies. As a public officer, a notary always remains impartial while fulfilling his duty to inform each party of his rights and obligations. This means that the parties are always assured that they can give their consent with the utmost peace of mind.

And as a qualified jurist, a notary makes sure that all the clauses in a notarized act are in conformity with all laws and regulations.

As a specialist in preventive law the notary drafts agreements with precision and clarity so as to diminish problems of interpretation and ambiguity.


  • Family and matrimonial law
  • Real estate law
  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Estate law
  • Financial planning

Make the right move take care of your personal and corporate matters… and consult a notary.